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Payment Options

Flowers-Leedy & Allen Funeral Homes Options for Payment


Flowers-Leedy & Allen Funeral Homes offers payment of cash advance expenses, on your behalf, as a convenience to you. This will save you from having to write a check to each outside party. We simply add the total of the outside expenses and you write only one check to us for the total. The cash advance total is due at the time of arrangements. 


1.)A prepaid funeral trust (fully contracted for) outside of the contestability period of two years from the issue date.

2.)Payment in full (all funeral goods & services including outside expenses (at the time of arrangements).

3.)Assignment of an insurance policy or financial account sufficient to satisfy the total funeral price. If you are planning to use insurance proceeds to satisfy the funeral expenses, we will assist you in processing the policy and remit a check to you for the difference (if any) between the total funeral price and the policy proceeds. The insurance policy must be submitted to Flowers-Leedy & Allen Funeral Homes within 24 hours of the arrangements or by the day of the funeral service. 

4.)Lending USA offers affordable financing with fixed payment options and fixed terms. This gives you greater flexibility and control over what you pay per month, and 6-months no interest. Click the Lending USA banner to the right to apply.

5.)Credit Card Payment will be accepted for up to $2,000.00. Any cost over $2,000.00 will incur an additional 2% fee. 

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